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bysdlawrence, March 19, 2012
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Why no Six Star rating available for this extension? My heart was in my stomach, I could barely get anything to load, front or back end. I knew it was my fault - way too many bells and whistles loaded, but I didn't know which one(s) to eliminate. As a last ditch effort, I loaded this bell - this whistle - and WHAM!!! My site was on fire! I did nothing but INSTALL! I didn't configure a thing, it worked right out of the box. I know I have stuff to fix, but this extension SAVED ME! THANK YOU!!!
bysdlawrence, September 7, 2009
It really bothers me when someone gives a dog review on an app, especially one as stable, well written and powerful as this one, when they haven't even given an honest effort to use it.

"This app, as far as I can tell, comes with zero documentation or installation instructions."

It's all right in their forum, and easy to locate - there's installation instructions, Frequently Answered Questions (EXTREMELY WELL DONE), and the code itself is chock full of context help.

This is an amazing application, because it's not just forms. It's DATABASE oriented, fully customizable, and feature rich. It was also one of the few "BIG" applications that installed flawlessly and without a hitch (from a tmp folder where I had extracted it).

I'm very excited to play with this one, it's a must have!