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byseaview, May 24, 2011
I was in big problem before, I have corephp wordpress and wordpress is not a joomla component and that make many problem for me.

I ask if I could have a migrate from wordpress to easyblog, never think they will do.
But Jack and Sam from StackIdeas fix this in a few days and everything is working 100% good.

Support is the best.

Thanks for your help StackIdeas.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedbacks!

byseaview, May 17, 2011
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
This extension missing the possibility to attach more then one blog to a menu. this make it's impossible to have a different module attached to different blogs.

This is normal Joomla behavior this extension is missing.

The support is slow, if they answer at all.

The old 2.9.4 Wordpress they have is working good but they not update anymore.