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bysebtaylor, March 15, 2011
I've been using this extension for some time now and even though it helped me create the forms i needed the learning curve is too steep. i have 6 years programming experience and a bachelor degree in computer science and found the program to be very hard to learn - not to mention to teach the customers! perhaps this is because it's been developed by a non-native English speaker or perhaps that the development team has always expected the user to be computer-savy (most customers are not, believe me). either way, there have been major improvements since the initial version and for that i congratulate Markus - but not going the right direction i was hoping it would.
Owner's reply


in my computer science studies I learned not to develop software for other computer scientists but for regular users.

That's what I did with BreezingForms and that's why it is a major success. Since I know you from the support and have the feeling you simply are missing the big picture, let me try to explain the structure of BreezingForms again:

- QuickMode: for non-programmers

- EasyMode: for designers (custom html templates)

- ClassicMode: for programmers

Despite the fact that each mode has a different user audience, they still share the same environment to allow custom modifications without hacking.

Example "QuickMode":

If you are a non-programmer, this mode will allow you to create forms quick AND easy, there is a very good amount of features incuded.

But still, when you have a special requirement that a form builder usually doesn't deliver, it will allow you to implement it without hacking. Means, even if you can do just 99% of the job because of lacking programming skills, you will be able to ask somebody with a little programming experience to help and finish the form.

You don't need programming but you can if you like - at well defined places. It depends on the type of form, your own skills and the form mode you are choosing.

BTW: There is a very huge update on the way where I will clearly outline the not so far future of BreezingForms.