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bysedonagate, June 20, 2014
My ShortList
This extension works perfectly. It's really easy to make a clickable list of favorite articles. I'm using K2 and it works beautifully. But the coolest thing is that the user can send themselves an email with their list of favorite items. These items are all clickable links in email and take you right to the correct page online. (In my situation, I had to set Use Absolute Link and Automatically Append Menu Itemid settings to YES in URL Parameters). I got fast help from the developer, so that's how I know this! I am running an online art competition, and now, thanks to the email sending feature, the monthly judges will be able to select their favorite paintings and send the results to themselves and to me. Since we may end up with thousands of paintings, this is a must-have extension for us!
SEO Friendly Links and Images
I have a large tourism website and use a lot of essential Joomla components. Unfortunately, many of these components do not consider the importance of adding the width and height attributes to images; also, they don't always include the "alt" tag, which is very important to users and search engines. This plugin ensures that ALL my images have width and height attributes and it adds intelligent alt tags if any are missing. The great thing is, it doesn't overwrite existing alt tags, and works across my entire site. I have a test site, a duplicate of my main site, and I installed the plugin on both, but disabled it on one of the sites and compared the code. I was amazed at the difference! Proper search engine optimization is extremely important to the success of my website, so I would not be without this plugin!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

bysedonagate, December 15, 2012
Easy Frontend SEO
I have a large tourism website that uses many Joomla components, some of which do not have flexibility when it comes to making the metatag data separate from the front-end display. This plugin saved the day with respect to totally solving that problem. Good search engine optimization is critical to the success of my site, so having the ability to update the complete set of metatags quickly is a huge plus! I love Easy Frontend SEO and also use this developer's other excellent SEO product, SEO Friendly Links and Images.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your kind words. Have success with EFSEO!

bysedonagate, December 8, 2012
I don't know what I would have done if it were not for SobiPro. In my view, there is no other Joomla directory system that even comes close. I needed to remake a large directory website that had been online since 2002. SobiPro was much more than the answer to my problem. As one reviewer mentioned, it is a great directory system, but it's usefulness goes well beyond that due to the way it's built, allowing for endless variations. There really are so many possibilities, even for non-programmers (like myself!). The support is incredible; the product itself allowed me to customize in a way that improved the look (and functionality) of my new directory site well beyond what I had originally envisioned. It's organized very well in the administrative view too. I am extremely happy with SobiPro and highly recommend it to anyone who needs a directory for their Joomla system. (And, oh, I forgot to mention... it's lightning fast on the front end when certain settings are in place.)
bysedonagate, November 29, 2012
I had been using CK Editor since before it was called CK editor. I recently needed to redo a huge website and thought I'd try a new, highly rated editor, so I installed another of the popular Joomla editors. I tried that for a few days, and even paid for an extension to make it do what I always got CK Editor to do for free. Well, I came away disappointed, and am happily back to using CK Editor. Yes, it's a bit more trouble to install CK Finder (once), but once done, my time spent editing is actually MUCH faster than with the other editors. Some things I love about CK Editor:

I can swith between code view and design view while the editor is still fully maximized... a big time saver.

I can drag multiple images from my desktop right in to the ck finder window, into the folder I choose.

I found it a lot easier to make the editor css style view match my front end website view and css style.

It is a breeze to make custom templates.

So for anyone who has a negative experience with this great editor, there must be something they have done incorrectly. Plus, it's a totally free extension for Joomla.
bysedonagate, November 24, 2012
I love ReDJ! It does just what it says it does and is a huge timesaver. I needed to make a ton of redirects fast and this product works great for this purpose. It's also perfect for quickly making custom 404 pages.
bysedonagate, October 25, 2012
FW Real Estate
This real estate component includes so many features "out of the box" it's amazing. I searched high and low for a good real estate add-on for Joomla and this was the only one that could do everything I needed right away. Also, when I needed help with a minor layout issue, the support was fast and even went above and beyond to help me.
Categories of SobiPro
I really like categories of SobiPro because instead of having to make a new menu item every time I add a category, it just automatically displays the new link in the module position and looks like an extended part of my regular menu. It saves me a lot of time!
bysedonagate, October 3, 2012
SobiPro Search+ (Plus)
We have a tourism website and I needed the Joomla search to be able to search both our articles and our directory entries. This excellent extension makes it happen. It's simple to install and use too.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your support!

bysedonagate, October 2, 2012
SJ K2 Slideshow II
It took under 10 minutes for me to buy, download, and install this module. I set a few parameters and it's already looking gorgeous and professional on the front end of my new website. It pulls in all the K2 articles I want and links to them. I didn't even need to restyle it with any css... it's perfect right out of the box.