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byseeza, July 20, 2009
CSS Gallery
Handy and effective little plug-in. I found this to be quite useful as a basic gallery. For more configuration, I'd recommend checking out the same authors' Very Simple Image Gallery, which seems to use a similar set-up of images in the back-end.
byseeza, July 20, 2009
Very Simple Image Gallery
An easy and configurable way to get your images into an article. Output looks clean and uncluttered. Default options are set in the plug-in menu while overrides are allowed per included instance within the article. Assuming content editors can set up image folders and upload their own images to it, then this plug-in then makes it easy for non-expert content editors to have a gallery appear in their articles. These guys have a slew of other little image extensions and the other one I used (the CSS one) made use of the same folders which was handy.

I had an issue to begin with and the developers were very responsive and helped me to troubleshoot.

One thing that would be nice would be an optional full-screen preview button perhaps discreetly placed in the corner of the image. However, other extensions from other developers that I tried that had such an option were in other ways less appropriate to my site.

Thanks very much for developing this plug-in!
Tabs & Sliders
I've used this for the 'tabs' functionality in the display of usually very long academic profiles and haven't looked at the 'slider' functionality.

The tabs work well, with both small and large chunks of text. Headers included in a tab disappear (I assume an intended part of the implementation) but this wasn't a big problem for my usage. It all looks and functions okay in IE6 (again, I have no idea about the 'slider' functionality but looking at some of the other comments, there may be issues).

One problem which I decided to put up with in order to make use of this useful little plug-in is that internal document id links (hash # links), don't work inside a tab when referred to OUTSIDE of the document and will instead simply default to the first tab (I'm not sure if they work only in the first tab, but it wouldn't make much difference). They do however work fine within the document itself. What this means is that an external link to say likely won't link directly to the hash-linked tag. If the tab that the 'publications_books' hash-tag is within is open though, then it links fine, so still useful for quickly jumping around a long piece of text.

Furthermore, it would be useful if the plug-in generated a unique id for each tab that could be used to have a tab open up through a hash-tag URL but I assume it would probably have the same issue as above.

Even though I would like for the above to work properly, I still think this plug-in merits 5-star for its tab functionality and hope that at some point the developers might address the issue.

Thanks for this.

Ben Caesar