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byseismael, September 17, 2011
Tabs GK4
You shouldn't use it for RTL languages, the style is almost impossible to beginner to Enable it RTL, although its only 10 lines
byseismael, December 25, 2009
GK Weather
easy to install, and you can even choose your language,

My only complaint is that the weather is not accurate for my country, its not your fault, maybe the problem is the source.
byseismael, December 15, 2009
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Universal AjaxChat
room names can't be edited in other languages... just english in 1.1... every thing should be utf8 if you have 22 lang..

why should users have 22 languages available????
why cant i choose languages to display???

no ads support...

poor style...

all of these are suggestions hope to be considered in next releases.
Owner's reply


thank you for your comment

The fact that this tool comes with 22 languages is not a defect but it is a bonus

I give you the component and give you ways to modify it as you please.
For templates: it is up to you to change and is also the easiest thing in any case!

but believe me there is no more perfect than this component


byseismael, December 8, 2009
MP3 Browser
although i couldn't run it in my language (arabic), and had to uninstall.... hope you may fix the issue...

and one more thing.... i would like to suggest a video browser version of this plug in, in my opinion it will be more useful because it will be unique, this way if any one wants to have show or series videos together in one content page.

any way... excellent and clean.