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bysekhemre, May 28, 2014
Simple Disqus Comments
Simple Disqus is a great component for commenting. This would have a higher rating if there were to be an option in the backend to chose between http and https (for connecting to Disqus).

As it stands, sites that use SSL will have to edit simpledisqus.php and alter line 71 to force SSL.
bysekhemre, February 12, 2014
RAR Radio is a great module for Joomla and Shoutcast. I gave it a 4 star rating for the following reasons:

1. The included comments system is based on Spanish (not a big deal).
2. RAR Radio fully supports a Shoutcast server that is ONLY configured for a single stream. Running RAR_Radio on a shoutcast server with multiple configured streams.... you will hear the audio however there will be no track listing. Apparently (I saw it in the shoutcast logs) RAR_Radio only collects Title information from stream ID 1, even if you specified a different stream.

If RAR_Radio pulled song titles from any stream, it would be a 5 star module!