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byselfxplanatory, April 13, 2011
Does this mean I can create a local user on my site through the JomSocial component by using the JFB Connect plugin, and then comment on a K2 article with the JFB Comment plugin that will ALSO post to their wall as an activity?
byselfxplanatory, March 10, 2008
I didn't give it Excellent, just because there really isn't very much documentation. But, its a great tool that I think everyone should have.

It helps when migrating, or just performing actions on a live site that might affect users' information.

What I didn't understand is when I exported the userlist (users.csv), why didn't it export the password hashes with it. The answer: The passwords are stored in the core users list that comes with joomla so it is referenced there. If you need to mess around with the joomla users list, I recommend using the original JUICE, that deals with it.

Otherwise, great utility! Does everything at a drop of a click! Hats off to the core team!
Owner's reply

I can add the password to the save but it will be hashed. My concern has been that people will try to reload a hashed password. The challenge is that with continual changes to the hash, this could get into really messy things. It is NOT possible to export passwords in a clear format. If you have specific suggestions, use the joomla code forum because I would be interested.