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bysequoia, January 20, 2010
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I like how easy the interface works and in the most basic sense this plugin WORKS, and works well. That said, I had some issues:
1. It's not possible to nest tabs (bad I know, but the design called for it)
2. This does NOT degrade well, turn off CSS and/or JS and everything's crazy. This is due to the fact that the markup isn't done like most tab systems (ul link list, divs below with anchors), but with the tab "links" and content interspersed. This isn't a problem with a simple layout, but with my layout, everything breaks with styles off. In any case if it had been done correctly it wouldn't be an issue.
3.The style/js issues plus the fact that there are links with NO targets makes it an accessibility nightmare. Used it on a project only to find out too late that it's not adequate.

Thanks for the plugin, frustrating that it has these flaws however