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byservlet, September 4, 2013
From the beginig of this yaer there isnt support of this extension. It is good extension but it is dead
byservlet, August 27, 2013
AutoTweet NG
I did some tests, but I'm not impressed. AutoTweetNG Virtuemart plugin doesnt detect if the new products are inserted through PhpMyAdmin, or other method except if is added manualy through VM. I think this is for all plugins
Sorry, I cant add manualy more then 10 000 products or articles...
It is useless for advanced users or developers.
Everything else is good, but if you want an automated process, why should we Detecting only manually added content.
Improve your extension.
Good but not enough for now
Owner's reply

We have polling options but they are only implemented in the most common used plugins, Content and K2 plugins.

At the end, every polling process adds more load. So, we implement it when it's very frequent requirement.

As we answered you in the forum, inserting 10,000 products is not the most common case, and you also manually insert Requests in the queue. Even when it's not wise to send 10,000 posts to social networks at once.

We are adding your suggestion to our roadmap in case we receive more requests on the idea.

Thank you for your feedback.

byservlet, May 30, 2013
Aixeena Taxonomy System
Good but not enough
Easy to instal
There is a little options
There are not meta name="keywords" and meta name="description", when pres a single tag. There is only joomla meta...
I hope this component will be improved ;)
keel walking ;)
byservlet, May 4, 2013
Universal AJAX Live Search
Great module, BUT there is no language option... It cant be translated. This module is not usefull in multilanguage sites
Owner's reply

Dear servlet,
As you know from Joomla 2.5 you can create your modules for all available languages, then set the language options for the actual one. All of the text what the user can see on the frontend can be customize from the module manager. So it is translatable, and many statisfied customer use it on multilingual sites.

Best regards
Janos Biro
Offlajn Store