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I have been using this for a while now on my review site. Only recently it was brought to my attention that the Voting Button does not seem to work for users on tablet browsers, like iPad, Samsung tablets etc. I tried it myself and indeed, tapping the vote button does nothing. Since a lot of users are visiting my site through mobile devices, I will have to look for an alternative now, or hope for an uprade that will fix the issue. Other than that, the extension works great, easy to install and use. I give it an average rating for lack of mobile device support.
Owner's reply

Hi sescha

Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience you get when try the component.

This is the first release from us for the community, we've tested on many sites/template without any issues.
We have to fix the problem on the tablet and mobile device, in addition we added a new option for the components of K2, Vm, easyblog to upgrade to the commercial version. Please visit our website and submit your site URL on the support form. We will check and send to you new version.

Best regards,

bysescha, February 23, 2012
PLo Blogger
I use this plugin on a Joomla 1.5 website and am very pleased with how it is working.
You can choose from what Joomla categories new entries should be posted to your blog (all categories or only specific ones), and wether only new pages should be posted, or also edited and re-saved entries.
Once configured, the Blog-posts are sent automatically in the background, so no additional admin intervention is required.
My only slight issue with this plugin was that the installation and configuration instructions given are not enough to safely guide you through the process of connecting the plugin to the API, so you will need a bit of trial-and-error to get it working. But hey, it's free software. Also, be sure to get the latest version (1.4 at the time of writing this).
bysescha, January 27, 2012
I have tried a few other form components for joomla, both free and paid, before buying Breezing Forms. Some work better than others, most have issues with usability or are simply too restrictive so you can't really build the forms you want.

Enter Breezing Forms. This extension is just great to work with (especially using the "Quick Mode" interface), allows for almost any form layout, offers incredible flexibility, and creates visually stunning forms.

There are so many possibilities for placing and formatting form elements, intro and help texts, tooltips, grouping elements into fieldsets, evaluating form input before submission, raising error texts etc. that one should be able to create any form needed.

But there is more. Once you go beyond the basic functionality of building simple forms, is when you discover the sheer power of this extension. For example, you can build multi-page forms, create dependencies between fields, offer confirmation pages that display data that has previously been entered, so you can basically create little applications or dialogue systems.

When users are logged in, you may pre-populate input fields with Joomla user data, such as e-mail, username or registration date, so users won't have to re-enter data that Joomla already knows about.

Another incredibly powerful feature is the ability to save the form data into other Joomla tables. You can map any of your forms' input fields to any other Joomla table field, this way you may place orders, register users, submit content etc. controlled by elements from your self-created forms. This feature is not aimed towards the Joomla beginner, as it requires good knowledge about Joomlas database structure, plus some scripting experience, but it is there when you need it.

The mails that are being sent out upon form submission use templates and are easily styled. The extensions comes with a variety of preset styles for form formatting, but it also not difficult to write your own style.

I have used this extension on about 10 Joomla projects so far, always with great success. You will possibly need one project to really get familiar with Breezing Forms and all its capabilities, but it is well the effort, as you will never need another forms extension.
VM Affiliate
From my experience so far, this is an excellent extension, which installs without any problems, and is very easy to configure and use.

The integration with Virtuemart is fantastic, it plugs right into the VM administration and automatically creates product-level affiliate links with images in styled boxes, ready to use. Add your own ad banners and text ads and you're ready to go.

The front end for users has a nice, modern and clean layout by default, but may also be restyled by standard CSS means. Language files follow Joomla standards, a variety of language packs are readily available, and the german translation was professional.

One thing that really made my day is that affiliate users will not automatically become Joomla users (which would have been a problem for me, as I do not want the affiliate partners to gain access to pages and menu modules reserved for clients!) This part is very well designed: Visitors may sign up as affiliates, and should they ever become standard Joomla users, they are able to synchronise (merge) their affiliate account with the Joomla user account. Perfect!

Of particular note (as it still is not common for commercial extensions): This one comes with an illustrated PDF user manual, which is really helpful for beginners. I had the affiliate pages readily configured, up and running in 20 minutes.

Highly recommended and well worth the money!