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bysethp, July 19, 2006
I want to correct and clarify my previous review. The "bugs" I mentioned actually have workarounds, so they are really usability issues. Once I learned the specific way (not very intuitive) to correctly make repeating events, they worked like a charm. (The end date has to be set properly, or else they won't work.)

I love the easy style sheet editing too.

This is my new calendar of choice!!
bysethp, July 19, 2006
This one is almost there. I find it very easy to use. The calendar is nice, as are the modules. It could use a better default look and feel (feels dated).

But, two bugs keep me from choosing it right now for production:

1. Repeated events don't display on calendar, only the first instance.

2. In the backend, when editing an event, all events revert to "daily" repeating, with no other option selectable, so you have to use front end to edit events.

Fix these bugs and I'm on this calendar!!