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bysf_gabe, March 19, 2010
Exactly what I needed. Worked flawlessly out of the box (once I remembered to turn the extension to "on"). Works with SEF too!
bysf_gabe, June 24, 2009
This is really very complicated to set up. Follow the (very thorough) documentation to the letter and it will work fine.

One item I noticed though is that when commenters add their email address (or it is required), that email address is unmasked and asking for a truckload of spam. If it is outside the article content ("Below Article Box" in the settings) the mailto: link works but is unmasked for spammers to have fun with.

If it is inside the article content ("Inside Article Box" in the settings) and you have the default joomla email masking turned on (which hopefully you do) the email link doesn't work and you get the page echo-ing part of the script tag.

I have figured out a hack around this for the time being. If you want your commenters email address masked (ad you should) modify com_yvcomments/views/tmpl/default.php on line 240. Replace:

echo '';


echo $link;

You should also take out the closing "a" tag from the echo on line 251

This will display the commenters email above the name, while still masking it from spammers with the default joomla bot.

You can also modify line 2151 of helpers to read $link = $link; if you want to get rid of the "mailto:" part, which just makes it look a bit better.

Pardon the hack-y code, but I'm hoping this is just a quick fix until Yuri puts out the next version.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, sf_gabe.
The hint you are describing is about the bug of Joomla! core, the "Email Cloak" plugin. See e.g. "Upgrade to 1.5.9 Emailcloak not working" here:

bysf_gabe, June 23, 2009
Does what it says.

Don't forget to activate the plugin "Editor Button - AddAttachment" - very helpful to not have to navigate away from an article.

The only request would be the ability to add a link to a document inline in the text instead of floating at the bottom.