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bysfit, May 20, 2011
Account Expiration Control
I agree with you and I cannot understand, that AEC`s reputation is tarnished by some people. I had no problems to install AEC. In the beginning, it wasn`t easy to program the interfaces between Community Builder and PROMA. Therefore, I express my gratitude to Jake, who had always been patient with me and gave me a really great support. Regarding to the system, we had very special needs and work to do . We couldn`t have had managed it without Jakes extraordinary help and. The manual by video was o.k., if you have enough time and if you are able to work simultaneously. It`s a pity, that there is no german version. But now, we have solved all problems and we are happy. I want to express my further gratitude to David, who helped me more than I could expect. The offered support was so helpful for me and if I hadn`d had it, I would have been desperated. For that reason, I recommend AEC from the bottom of my heart.