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bysfz, August 20, 2007
Akeeba Backup
Don't worry anymore to backup and restore your Joomla-Site. JoomlaPack is really simply to use and the restore also works without any problems.
I backed up my Joomla website which running ( and tried to install it locally to test a backup with JoomlaPack. I am running 1.0.12 and the backup worked PERFECTLY!

I am posting my steps I made:
1] Install the component and backup your website.

2] Download the backup file to your htdocs/location. This file must then be unzipped in the desired location. Rename the directory as i.e. Joomla

3] Now, point your browser to http://localhost:8888/Joomla/installation/
where there is the exact location of your unzipped files.

4] You will notice a joomla installation screen. On my localhost I used the following parameters for the
MySQL database configuration
Host Name: localhost:8889
MySQL User Name: root
MySQL Password: root
MySQL Database Name: sfz_joomla
MySQL Table Prefix: jos_

5] Remove the installation folder.

9) To use the admin program use the same username and and password as in the source Joomla site. The username and password shown by JoomlaPack on the installation screen didn't work!