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byshahriar, April 13, 2014
I'm administrating a few Joomla websites & I use JCE for ALL of them! sophisticated, user friendly, RTL friendly, .... to save your time, the whale package!
byshahriar, October 8, 2013
Simple Pop-Up
Although it's a very simple plugin to use, it has wisely considered additional settings as well, thus room for advanced usage.

I easily found the required codes by reading the Documentation.
byshahriar, September 30, 2013
Google Maps by Reumer
All you need to do is enable the plugin, set your latitude & longitude, and use the code wherever you like.
This is of course the LEAST you can do, there're loads of other settings for you. well done guys, I remember the days back in Joomla 1.5 when you literally needed magic to add a Google map!
byshahriar, April 12, 2013
Admiror Gallery
It took me about 10 minutes to work things out and understand how ADMIROR GALLERY functions... and less than an hour, my gallery was ready, captioned,etc... not so many options to confuse you, yet you get what you need. and CSS file is understandable enough for self-modifying or at least i easily did so :-)
byshahriar, November 8, 2012
BT Content Slider
registration is fair and easy, no problem installing.
various options to make your own layout, user friendly and rich graphics.
what was very amazing was that it generates first line and make READ MORE itself, as well generating an image thumbnail from the article, so makes it easy for the user! just write the article and you're done!
a must have!
byshahriar, November 8, 2012
Phoca Download
Sophisticated Component, very informative Documentation. everything's explained in there!
Developers answer fast and nice in forums.
the feature "frondend User" is brilliant if you don't want to let others come inside your control panel. It doesn't have all the options backend provides, but you can edit it in CSS
strongly recommended!
byshahriar, November 8, 2012
Akeeba Backup
I've been using Akeeba since Joomla 1.5 in 4 different website, all works perfectly (I'm on 2.5.7 now). I had to change hosting twice, and Akeeba backup and Kickstart made my life very easy, had my website back in no time.
very easy to install, very user friendly.
Akeeba saved me couple of times, so I strongly recommend it to you
byshahriar, November 8, 2012
ACL Manager
Subscription was fair & easy, no problem installing.

Component area is very user friendly and clear.

it only takes couple of mins to manage your user's permissions. If like me, you have users with different tasks in your website, It's a must have.

one fab feature is "Diagnosis" which scans your site for issues (ACL related) and has a "fix" button. so again v easy 2 use.

well done guys and (like your motto says): "Getting Joomla back under control!!" I did!