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byshakkydo, December 23, 2012
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Like many others I have been using the established modules anywhere but it has got so bloated and fussy, it's become useless. This extension is straightforward,simple and small, and works perfectly. Well done guys for saving the day!
byshakkydo, November 22, 2012
This extension certainly simplifies the whole process of linking. I like it because there is an option for opening link in new window. I don't think the backlink is a major issue. I am so impressed with the extension and the obvious thought and attention to detail tyhe developer has put in to it, I am more than happy to help promote it. Well done!
byshakkydo, June 27, 2011
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I love this extension. I love everything about it. It looks good it feels good and it's soooo easy.
I would have loved to have given it ten out of ten, but for one reason. I have no idea how to get it to work with PayPal, and I have no idea where else to ask. The reason I only gave it a good rather than an excellent is because help and support is so poor. Well, it's not just poor it's pretty much none existent.
I just hope and pray that as I search the web I will find a solution to this rather fundamental problem. This would make my joy complete!!
Owner's reply

Dear Sir.

the problem is the support exists but we can not offer it for free. JoomShopping is free of charge in case you do not need a brandfree version. And for a free shopscript we can not give a free support.
So in case you are ready to order a day consulting we can give you any support at this time.

Hope you understand that we can not give everything for free .. we have also costs and therefore I hope you change your mind in voting us .. because we spent a lot of time in development to make a shop who is suitable for all users.

So thinkg about it and order a day consulting from us to give you the support you need.

There is a lot of users who installed the shop without any help and it worked fine .. for shure it can be that you need a help .. so look at our offer above.

best wishes

maxxmarketing gmbh