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byshane, February 15, 2007
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XCloner-Backup and Restore
Is Cron really the only way to automate a backup? I had been using a tool that sent me an e-mail of the database every night; that was awesome, then the db got to big and it stopped working. That is why i tried this. It does work, but it seemed like i needed to babysit it to work. Some of the selection menus for which files you want to update are missing check all / uncheck. Why would you put the option on one menu and not the next? I don't understand how i can copy the database and all the files, but still exclude components... It did manage to backup a very large site with a ton of files to a zip file on my server. I think it will be a great tool when i figure out the cronjob setup. It says that it is a cloner, i have not tried that feature yet... could prove to be very useful for deploying a base site with a base setup of components and plugins installed.
byshane, February 15, 2007
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I had found one other cobbled attempt at an invite component / plugin a while back, this one is the missing link. Anyone who is serious about contact managment uses plaxo, and this does a great job integrating with it and most any other contact database. The e-mail invites provide a working link to community builder registration, and the CB plugin does a great job of organizing your invite status. In order to get a compoenent interface seperate from the CB plugin you have to shell out another $30, making the complete solution cost about $80. But it works and it works well, mike is really good about support and the forums are active at his site. I think we are going to see some great stuff from this developer in the future. Layout of the plugin and graphics could use some help in areas, but other than that it is beautiful and it works!
byshane, November 29, 2006
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Its not easy, but installation is possbile with a little bit of work. I thought i could use it as a universal CRM and modify it into my community needs... but it seems to be rather specific in its target audience. All of the internal workflows and procedures are well thought out and work, but they do not seem to be all that adaptable to other groups.

If you are running a civic organization that needs to keep track of a lot of people with their demographics and you want to do fundraising... this may be for you
byshane, November 29, 2006
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Community Builder
Community builder is pretty great for making a mini-myspace community site. It also offers many new options for interacting with other plugins and components. Hopefully it will become the hub for all personal component ties and developers will always make a cb plug when they make thier component.

I would not mind paying for this component if it ment the development would speed up. Myspace is a pile of crap and there is no reason why there should not be a viable opensource alternative...

I would really like to see a comprehensive CRM and groupware add on!