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byshanepitre, January 28, 2011
I must admit, i am new to the world of e-commerce still in the final stages of development for my own. I can say with the good and bad reviews i have seen it keeps me on my toes as i have invested an extreme amount of time and money in my site. For one, i can confidently say that i have had really good support through the developper and with a little research and time i am able to make joomlistings 2.1.7 work for my site. I am very satisfied with JL up until now; 1 upgrade... I can say productivly for the developper Hassan that i have some excellent support however would appreciate a little more attention to understanding my full requests in detail (ex:instead of just saying done or a shor phrase to give a more detailed response)...once again very satisfied with the support). I am a little woried about futrue upgrades but only for the fact of reading the few bad reviews and my lack of experience in backend usability.

I still stand confident on the product and hope that JL will be part of my success in business.

Keep up the good work Hassan on making JL the best it can be.