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byshanerichard, October 9, 2013
BT Google Maps
Really pleased yet again, with this developers modules, they work. simple as that, this one, lets you add custom markers easy as pie or use a default. Use address or co-ordinates. and no api key required. easiest google map module of them all in my opinion
External Favicon
Beautiful Work - Pretty's up boring external links
Hi, im writing this to say thanks alot, it helped to pretty up my website Essential Flash Games - where im offering external links to other great flash games sites via the weblinks core module.

this added the very nice favicons to most of the links i added, some missed maybe due to retrieving the image restrictions on individual sites, but over 80% seem to be fine.

Anyway, just thought i would add my 2 cents for a future update; maybe add a custom css class for the images for padding ect, as the images were alined too cloesly to the links before i added some padding right.

thanks again for this one
byshanerichard, October 6, 2013
My ShortList
This is what i was looking for, i built a gaming site called "Essential Flash Games" which im pleased to say, now lets users connecting with facebook to access a favourite game page, where I've installed the list only,then on all game pages I added the module in "display only add/remove button" mode.

So after some customisation with css, the buttons are now integrated to the design of the website and looking good.

Eagerly anticipating additional feature from the author providing display of the default article image/thumbnail in the favorite list.

This is by far the best of this type of module for Joomla I've found, there is no jquery conflicts at all.

I will look forward to updates on this module in the future or maybe a pro version, with even more options and features added.

As it stands, this module will satisfy beginner and advanced web designers with its flexibility and functionality.

Cost me only $9.00 AU for this one, and license is unlimited domains etc.

One last note, registration and payment was a painless experience via paypal/visa debit, taking less than 2 mins to go from sign up to install module.
byshanerichard, October 2, 2013
BT Content Slider
I registered, just to say thanks to developers for this one, you need to register on their site, its quick and easy, and get access to all their free extensions.

This Slider is Perfect, I can choose to display Content with Thumbnails Responsively, Ordered by HITS, Article ID Etc

I can customise the thumbnail sizes, display article and or category titles

I can show any number of Specific Articles via ID or hand Pick Category's excluding featured content naturally if you want.

What else? Transition and Navigation Customisation, u bet..

Module Class Suffix... yep of course.

I cant think of anything i didn't get in this magnificent module.

go for it...