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byshaoen01, January 12, 2013
Max Failed Login Attempts
Recently, i have been seeing more unknown IP trying to access my admin dashboard. This tool has helped to increased the security and ensure these unauthorized people are kept away.
byshaoen01, December 8, 2012
The plugin works out of the box and the documentation is pretty straightforward on how to use it. This will be a good replacement than using normal pop ups which can be annoying and normally would be ignored.
byshaoen01, December 8, 2012
BT Login
This is probably one of the few login modules that looks good with nice effects. However, there are some limitations. The only thing that i didn't like was the module was unable to indicate if the user is activated or not. The error is not specific enough unless the user knows he/she has not activated the account yet.

Overall, this is still a great module and room for greatness definitely.