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byshiftCase, September 9, 2014
studio42 paypal donate
This thing worked straight away, no problem.

Styling it is another matter altogether. No public documentation at all, no support. Registration on the site (I was hoping to find hidden documentation) was a problem because the captcha was broken the day I tried it.
byshiftCase, August 22, 2014
percha Iframe
lightweight plugin that made short work of a frustrating task. easy install and setup.
byshiftCase, August 18, 2014
SP Tweet
Simple setup (once you get your API keys at twitter), nice admin interface, and they removed a linkback that used to be buried in the source code. Very grateful for that.
byshiftCase, July 29, 2014
Facebook Wall Feeds
woot! made short work of a big job.
Anyone who has tried to get a facebook feed running on their client's wall (yep, third party) know that is a heavy lift. This module puts all the tools in the right place, has the best documentation anywhere for configuring the facebook app, and when I ran into a problem my first time out, their ticket support was outstanding.
byshiftCase, July 16, 2014
Simple to set up, easy to deploy. Another great extension from this developer.
byshiftCase, July 9, 2014
JoomBri Freelance
This extension has everything I was looking for... and quite a few things I hadn't thought of. When I encountered an unusual interaction with the template I am using, the developer responded quickly - noting that the problem was with Joomla itself, and providing an instant and simple fix.

Excellent product. Excellent, standards compliant code. Excellent service.

Did I miss anything?
byshiftCase, June 3, 2014
After hitting too many obstacles completing a j2.5 to j3 migration (the site had once been j1.5) I turned to this gem. In five minutes, I had all my content ported over. Donation ware so you can use it free - but I donated a few bucks for this colossal time saver. Plus, my sanity is restored.

All the stars in the galaxy for this one.
byshiftCase, April 24, 2014
Until I installed this item did a couple other small administrative items, I suddenly had point-and-click icon insertion. I would love to see one of the major editors integrate this into their product, as you have to manually integrate it yourself [luckily it's easy, and takes about 2 minutes].

Based on TinyMCE, but the button didn't appear in Tiny, but works fine in JCE, which is built over Tiny!
Owner's reply

Hi Shiftcase, thank you for your valuable feedback. It should be work properly with tinymce too. Have you followed the instruction described in the documentation file? If you still have any problem with that then please post a question at our support forum ;)

byshiftCase, April 24, 2014
Custom Text Button
Why isn't this in Joomla Core! This plugin is awesome. Made a bit of complex code entry my client repeatedly needs make simple and error free.
byshiftCase, February 24, 2014
I use Securimages as my default spam stop - it's as easy to use (and as effective) as spam protection gets. Install, turn on...and you're done! I always use this paired with the Contact Enhanced component (five stars!) from the same developer. Either or both are highly recommended.
byshiftCase, February 9, 2014
I think I'm up to six of their components, and they all work beautifully. Clean, functional, well documented, and...did I say functional?
byshiftCase, February 8, 2014
Priceleaf shop
There are a lot of good ideas in this e-cart, and I was able to have it functioning rather quickly. But the lack of language support makes customization details very difficult.

I hope the dev keeps working on this - and it wouldn't bother me to pay for the finished work.
byshiftCase, January 31, 2014
Google Maps by Reumer
Yikes - perfect. Fast rendering. Lightweight.

It took me a little while to get used to handling a plugin with joomla {bracket code} - but this worked first time, after being frustrated by several modules.
Outstanding plugin.
byshiftCase, January 9, 2014
JO Social Networks Tabs
There was a technical snafu due to my configuration. Posted in the forum and the developer quickly got me squared away. Highly recommend this product, and the developer.
byshiftCase, December 11, 2013
Code 7 Slide Down Drawer
This gem performed perfectly from the minute I had it configured - and that is all it took. A minute. Beautiful, elegant, clean.
byshiftCase, December 11, 2013
Qlue Panel
The demo looked promising - in fact perfect for my needs - until I installed, configured, and published. This turned my page into the dreaded white screen with php error. I will be back to check on this at some point, so see if there's an update. There is no support at all for the free version, $20 to be able to move this to the left (and get to the forum)...this cost another star.
byshiftCase, December 11, 2013
I found this while looking for a megamenu not built into the framework. This was easy to configure and worked rather well.

The problems I ran into were that I have so many overrides in place that it took me a while to sort out the conflicts (self-inflicted). I also was not able to configure a 3-deep megamenu from just the main menu itself, though creating and loading submenu modules works - a fifth star if this extra feature ever finds its way into this very fine plugin.

A couple other nice plugins and themes on their website, too.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your nice words. Feel free to use the forums for any technical difficulty:


byshiftCase, October 18, 2013
FS Browser Compatibility
...this developer has ceased developing. The download link is available, but there will be no support and no updates.
byshiftCase, September 25, 2013
JM Responsive Slideshow
I was having trouble with a very reliable application and decided I might need to try something else. And the something else was this. Configured and running in minutes! (Now I need to go back to their website and see what else is on offer.)
byshiftCase, September 11, 2013
My Social Timeline
What? Only 5 stars available for this review? For all it does, his versatile app sets up easily - and when I needed to do something tricky, the support was outstanding. I know something is listed higher up this JED category...but I tried it. Believe me, THIS is the one you want.
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