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Reviews(5), August 21, 2013
Contact Enhanced Component
I had to build a membership site that added a profile for each subscriber and contact enhanced fit the description perfectly. It has nice advanced abilities, makes it easy to use for even simple contact forms, and i like how i could edit the views too if i needed. Also, douglas was very responsive with support, even did some custom coding for the added "alpha index module" for locating companies in a directory via the first letter of their business name. Very happy, and made me look good to my client! :) thanks!, August 21, 2013
I was able to install and configure the social plugin without any issues! works great, and is sorely needed among extensions. keep up the good work! :), June 7, 2013
EZ Realty
I've had the privilege of working with ezrealty since the j1.5 days and I'm still loving it. Kathy did a great job in sooooo many ways with this extension and i'd definitely recommend it hands down. I really love the Joomla 3 version and my client loves their new site! Especially after being taken advantage of by the companies that offer real estate solutions. I emailed Kathy for support and got an almost instant reply event though i'm located on the other side of the planet! Quality coding, and responsible authorship. If you're tossing around the idea of staying with the j2.5 version, i'd say to just jump to the j3 version; unless auxiliary extensions dictate otherwise. Ezrealty is definitely worth every penny! (I've used seblod, k2, ezautos and other solutions and would say EZ realty fills a sorely needed niche.) Thanks Kathy! Keep up the good work., April 11, 2012
EZ Autos
Ezautos has proven to be a great extension. It is customizable for both the front and back end. It provides a nice range of options and the ability to create a nice looking site for displaying vehicle inventories for many small dealers. Also, I think that Kathy is on the right track with the EZ Adverts ability to create an ad you can export to various other sites to get more exposure such as craigslist, etc. Definitely would recommend! I've used her EZREalty extension too, with great success. Keep up the good work. And to any reading these reviews make sure you ignore the poor comment from 2008. The extension is easily customized and you CAN access all parts of the code. I know cause I've used these extensions on about 4 different websites :), March 10, 2012
Ignite Gallery
This has been one of the best photo gallery extensions I've used. One of the reasons I like it so much is how easy it is to setup and also how easy it is for a client with little computer skills to manage! Some of the other extensions are a nightmare to manage photos, but ignite gallery gives you so many choices and options, yet lays out the photo management section so intuitively. A definite recommend & super user friendly!