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byshunsho, December 24, 2011
Works perfect with joomla 1.7, great work.
byshunsho, December 24, 2011
I think that is the best:

- Easy to use, and many many options.
- The records manager is very useful.
- The templates are great.
- And the best thing: the support is excellent, and worth the money (also...I think that is very very cheap!)
byshunsho, December 24, 2011
Akeeba Backup
Use joomla without this component is impossible.

- Easy to use.
- The restore script "Kickstart" works like a charm.
- Lot of languages.
byshunsho, December 24, 2011
It's easy, perfect, and beautiful...all that you need in just a plugin...
It's simple: excellent. Increible easy to use, works perfect. The support is fast and excellent too.

Some "must have" on next versions:

- The hability to install or set two or more instances of the make different resizes in different contents.

- Some way to ignore some contents categories or articles, instead of use the class nosmartresizer

- Ignore (or resize it making it sbigger) images smaller than the thubnail dimension. Now, it's shows an error.

- The class "nosmartresize" added to the html tag IMG could be little complicated to final clients. So I suggest that this class have to be assigned with tags {nosmartresizer}...{/nosmartresizer} or something like that.

- Include some type of lightbox by default.

I think that if the plugin have this things, would be the only one and the best!
byshunsho, August 3, 2011
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
This is the best and easiest plugin made...ever.