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bysiddallj, October 17, 2013
Testimonial, Quote Slider
Great module, lots of options to customize it.
Had a question, response time was about 3 minutes, which is awesome.
Excellent work :)
bysiddallj, October 1, 2012
Diapo Slideshow
Really great looking slider, easy to customize and configure.
If you get stuck the support is very fast, had a reply in minutes and my problem was solved.
Nice work Developer :)
bysiddallj, July 24, 2012
If your looking for masses of flexibility
easy to customize and style, K2 is one of the best CCK's for Joomla.
Been using it for 1 day and now it will become part of all my new sites.
Very user friendly.
Loads of videos available on how to use it.
You can do so much with this extension.
Yes there is a small learning curve, put in the time and you will accomplish great things with K2.
Its very fast too.
SEO is good.
3rd party extensions for it are fabulous.

Such an awesome extension and its free !
Nice job Developer, you guys ROCK !!!
bysiddallj, June 12, 2012
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Improved AJAX Login & Register
Very easy to setup.
Quick to style with nice gradient effects.
The login and registration looks stunning.
Nice fades and effects when using the module.
It is very fast too.
Developer responds quickly to questions and adds features to improve it further.
This is for sure the best login module I have used so far.
Highly Recommended !
Fantastic job Balint :)
bysiddallj, April 7, 2012
Flyout Tabs
Very easy to install and setup.
Added a new module to my site and it worked straight away.
Smooth movement on the animation.
Looks great
Nice job developer
Many thanks
Owner's reply

siddallj, thanks for your kind review and comments regarding Flyout Tabs... they are most welcomed!

bysiddallj, March 15, 2012
Easy to use.
I'm using it for English/ Welsh school site.
The welsh language file for joomla currently doesn't exist.
The developer helped me create a language file to get the site and component working.
The support is excellent.
Component is fantastic to use, showing you pages you have converted and which ones you need to do.
Simple for frontend users, click a flag to change language.
This is for sure the easiest method i have found for language options on Joomla 2.5
Developer is super helpful and replies to emails quickly.
Component is fantastic !!
bysiddallj, February 1, 2012
B2 Portfolio
The styling is great.
easy to add websites to portfolio.
Current version is missing a few features like an easy way to link to component via menu manager.
After contacting support i was impressed by the speed the issue was solved.
3 mins flat !!
Link to an external url and hey presto it burst into life.
So 5 stars for support.
bysiddallj, January 9, 2012
Add to Menu
This is a fantastic feature to have.
Clients often forget or get confused about adding pages to menus.
Finally and Idiot proof way to make a page and easily add it to a menu.
Brilliant work, this is now part of my Core Joomla install pack.
bysiddallj, November 24, 2011
I changed to this editor after major problems with another not working with Virtuemart.
This one does work with Virtuemart :)
Its very clean looking. Easy to use.
Configuration is very quick.
Fantastic editor.
bysiddallj, November 22, 2011
Pop Image Slider
I was blown away by the amount of options you have available to customize this module.
Looks stunning, movement and fades are super smooth.
Intuitive and easy to use.
All thats missing is a reflection option.
Fantastic Module :)
Nice work Developer
bysiddallj, November 21, 2011
AJAX Dock Cart for VirtueMart
Looks amazing and modern.
Very easy to customise.
Loads of options.
Easy to use.
Animations are super smooth and look natural.
This is the coolest cart for Virtuemart.
The Developer is one of the best there is.
Fantastic job !!!
bysiddallj, November 8, 2011
Lazy Load for Joomla!
Really great extension
Tested it on a gallery intensive site, it looks cool too as the images fade in.
Its now going to become part of my Core Joomla master install package.
Faster page loading, less bandwidth = Fantastic
Nice work :)
Owner's reply

Nice review. Thank you!

bysiddallj, November 4, 2011
Pro Image Flow
Really fantastic looking extension.
Flash does look so cool and smooth.
Developer is helpful too.
Component is very intuitive and easy to use.
Module gives you lots of options.
Nice work :)
bysiddallj, November 1, 2011
Very quick way to add multiple pages, categories.
This should be in the core of Joomla.
Intuitive to use, will reduce site build time for sure.
Will be using this on every new site, it is now part of my core install with all my favourite extensions.
Really fantastic job by the developer :)
bysiddallj, October 21, 2011
Brilliant online shopping system.
Easy to use and quick to configure.
The support is rapid and usually same day.
Having the frontend.css editable within the backend is very useful for quick styling.
The developer is brilliant to work with and extremely helpful.
This extension gets better and better with each update.
Outstanding job !!!
bysiddallj, October 4, 2011
Smart Slider 2
Amazing Slider !!!
So many options to choose from.
The layouts that are included are perfect yet simple to setup.
Its very intuitive to use as well, didn't even need to read the manual as its straight forward.
One of the best sliders for Joomla and from previous experience the support from the Developer is Amazing too.
Fantastic Extension !
bysiddallj, October 3, 2011
Universal AJAX Live Search
1 word sums up this Search Extension
Fantastic, searches are fast, look pretty too.
Very easy to style, all done in the module itself.
Lovely effects, so many options to choose from.
This is the best search system i have found so far.
Tried out alot, this is for sure the Number 1 for me.
Will now be using this as the default search system for all my sites, it really is that good !!!
Nice job :)
bysiddallj, September 28, 2011
SJ Mega Menu
Really impressed with this menu
Has alot of great options.
Very easy to style CSS
Nice step by step guide on how to use it.
Effects are very nice and smooth too.
Nice work Developer :)
Owner's reply

Great to know you enjoy it :)

bysiddallj, September 26, 2011
Fantastic video player.
Very simple to setup up.
Works well and looks good.
Playback quality of f4v HD video is very impressive.
Nice work developer ;)
bysiddallj, September 22, 2011
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JUX Mega Menu
Wow, this is AweSome
Really great documentation.
Looks stunning and has so many options too.
Documentation is brilliant too, developer has covered just about everything in easy to read format and it all makes sense.
Tons of options for layout of columns.
Outstanding system.
Nice work !!!
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