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bysiddallj, August 29, 2011
Admiror Frames
Very simple to use
The tags to implement it are easy.
Looks fantastic
Great way to style content quickly
Nice job :)
bysiddallj, June 30, 2011
Works perfect on Joomla 1.6.4
Will help to stop people stealing images.
The copywrite message feature is great.
Thanks to the Developer for this wonderful extension
Great Extension, should be in Joomla core
bysiddallj, June 28, 2011
Custom CSS
What a fantastic extension.
Far easier to use this then make several templates
Very easy to use, add your module to the index.php
Create a module and start styling.
Massively impressed with this.
Should be in the Joomla core its so good.
Many thanks to the developer, Stunning Job
bysiddallj, June 6, 2011
Top of the Page
This is for sure the easiest method for adding a back to top button.
Worked straight away.
Great that the CSS can be customised in the plugin.
Nice smooth fade and scroll effects.
Excellent job :)
Many thanks for making it easy
bysiddallj, May 23, 2011
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JEXTN Testimonial
Fantastic testimonial / guestbook extension
Developer responds super fast to questions.
Easy to use, looks great.
Highly recommended :)
Nice work
bysiddallj, May 17, 2011
Ignite Gallery
What a fantastic gallery, it even has a trial version.
Played with the trial version before buying full.
Was highly impressed, Developer Matt answered pre-sales questions very quickly.
This is a highly flexible system, user friendly.
Great that you can assign categories to a profile
giving you even more possibilities.
The search plugin even works with Rok Ajax search and looks fantastic displaying the images thumbs in the search.
Being able to select which uploader to use is a brilliant feature, allowing me to upload hassle free even with admin folder protected.
Most importantly its easy for clients to use :)
Big thumbs up to developer.
Amazing photo gallery !!!
bysiddallj, May 13, 2011
Qlue Custom 404
Worked on joomla 1.6 straight away
Easy to use.
Nice work
Thanks to developer
bysiddallj, May 13, 2011
Google Site Verification
Really nice extension.
Worked straight away.
Simple to use.
Great work from developer :)
Extremely pleased
bysiddallj, March 24, 2011
Phoca Maps Plugin
Add multiple map points to your articles when used with the component.
Simple to use and works like a charm.
make the map, add the markers.
Place a small code in the article and you have
Awesome, simple to use and very effective.
Nice work :)
bysiddallj, March 23, 2011
Phoca Maps
This map is awesome
Add multiple locations to a map
Simple to use
Allows you to have as many maps as you want.
Multiple locations on each.
Simply brilliant.
Adding new locations is a breeze.
Fantastic that you can select various icons and add descriptions for each.
All it needs is the ability to link to articles and it covers everything you could possibly need.
Outstanding job !!!
Nice on Jan
bysiddallj, November 17, 2010
ARI Image Slider
Tried a few image sliders they didn't work on all browsers.
Found this little Beauty
Its incredible, up and running in seconds
All browsers ran flawlessly.
Even looks good on an Iphone too.
Awesome !!!
nice one ARI you guys are simply the best :)
bysiddallj, October 12, 2010
Really fast and easy to setup, looks better than most testimonial systems.
Quick access to the CSS file.
Rapid response from developer.
Settings system could be better with dropdowns or check boxes instead of click to edit.
All round really excellent Extension :)
Many thanks
bysiddallj, October 8, 2010
CP Event Calendar
Easy to use
Perfect for a holiday cottage that needs to show availability on a week/day basis.
Very expensive for what it is.
Being able to color code the calendar is really useful and add descriptions.
Its quick and simple to use.
bysiddallj, September 7, 2010
Was up and running in minutes.
Great extension
Very easy to use and fast to configure.
Highly recommended
works with Jomsocial and Community Builder so gets
full thumbs up.
Will be using this on all sites requiring a forum
Nice work !!!
bysiddallj, August 12, 2010
AmaZing plugin.
Up and running in moments, really nice effects.
Will be using this one alot more on sites !!
Fade is cool, Reflection is really handy.
Fantastic job, well done !!!
bysiddallj, June 17, 2010
RSSeo! Suite
Easy to setup, clearly explains what you need to do get your metatags and descriptions better.
Awesome that you can add your competitors and see how they compare to you.
Support is good too, answered my questions in less than 12 hours.
Highly recommended
Will be using it on all my sites from now on
bysiddallj, June 14, 2010
ARI Sexy Lightbox
Wow this guys are AmaZing !!!
The extension looks fantastic.
I had a small setup issue and they were super helpful it was my fault not the extension. They quickly logged into the back end and sorted it all out for me.
Best support I have ever experienced anywhere.
They reply to questions faster than light speed and go out of their way to help you.
Cant wait to use more of their wonderful extensions on other projects
Well done 100% Excellent
bysiddallj, June 2, 2010
For car sales this is excellent.
Rapid response from the developer, its fantastic when you email them a question and you get a detailed reply back in 10 mins !!!
The developer has made a user friendly component and is open to new features and improvements.
Good instruction manual.
Add in your own fields, which appear in the front and backend for easy updating.
Few tweaks to the language file and its ultimately flexible.
I'm sure this component will keep getting better and better with each update.
Looking forward to when it will do, Cars, Boats and plant vehicles from one joomla install.
Support is simply the best.
Great work Nuno !!!
bysiddallj, March 16, 2010
JXTC PrimeTime
Fantastic Extension
i had a small bug but it was fixed quickly by tech support.
Looks stunning, easy to update.
Would be great in the next version if you could change the slide order from one screen rather than going into each product.

Looks amazing, works, easy to use.
Fantastic extension. JXTC are excellent
bysiddallj, March 16, 2010
Smart Flash Header
This component/module brings a site to life.
Really fast to setup.
Easy to use, Looks fantastic.
Clients love it.
Good transition effects.
full 10/10
Good Job Projoom, another awesome extension.
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