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bysidfilmz, June 3, 2011
While the English Language file took a little tweaking, the only other mods were to the actual PDF ticket that is generated when an order completes. Everything else is quite easily configurable from within the Component itself, and I must say it is an Amazing Component for Joomla. There may be a learning curve for Joomla newbies, especially newbies who haven't worked with Components developed in other countries/languages.

I know it has room to grow with new Payment Processors (ie. Google Checkout...), but dang if I am not impressed completely with how well this Component solves the issue of selling event tickets on a Joomla-powered site. VirtueMart plugins are only worth it if you need VirtueMart to run other eCommerce functions. Also there are some great Event Listing Components (RedEvent & JEvents are my faves) with payment & reservation options - but for a simple Ticketing solution, those just don't cut it either.

For the particular site I utilize TicketMaster on, I don't care how many people RSVP online, I care about how many people actually buy tickets and then can print and bring those tickets to a show, where I can actually verify that their tickets are valid.

TicketMaster is a Winner!!! Keep up the good work guys.