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bysiflaar, August 13, 2013
This is an easy to install and maintain extension. The bloggers on our website can now easily maintain there own blogs and posts.
I had some problems with one of the modules, but the support people took immediately action and solved the problem within days.
bysiflaar, January 19, 2013
Author Box
This is the first author extension that works for me and is not connected to the Joomla Users.
Because it is a module, it is easy to implement the result in any page on the website.
I needed also more options than the module offered, but the service of the programmer is great and via email I was able to get my answers very quickly.
Thumbs up and looking forward to new versions!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive review. Keep your eyes peeled!

bysiflaar, December 25, 2012
This plugin makes it very easy to add all the elements of Rich Snippets in your content.
Great job!
There is even a commercial version with more options.
bysiflaar, June 7, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
A great plugin that is easy to instal.
A pitty that I have to change language files to change the message.
And it would be realy great when the visitor is acccepting cookies to set a cookie for this. The status is now not remebered for ever.
Owner's reply

Starting with version 1.6, a cookie is set to prevent display after cookies have been accepted. It is a 30 day self-renewing cookie.

As far as the language files go, I'm offering this as a multi-lingual extension. I can't very well have an editable text field for every language - so I went with the language files. I wish I could please everyone...

Using the language manager and overriding the English strings is really the way to go. It's easy and reliable! Best of all - it survives upgrades!

Udja Comments
This is a quick and easy to use commenting system. Only problem I had is that it is not checking if jQuery is already loaded. So it is messing with my other jQuery gadgets in the site. Solved it using this explanation:
bysiflaar, December 18, 2011
Great and easy plugin.
It is just not showing the buttons in a category view of articles, only when the article is showed.
bysiflaar, June 13, 2011
Joes Word Cloud
I love this one. It is free, it is easy to install and configure and is looks great.
My only wish is that it will not use words form articles marked as Registered or Special. Or better, it uses the settings of the logged in user to determine the type of articles it should use.

Owner's reply

As this was asked for from several others, I released version 1.6.4 which includes the feature to "Use access levels".