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bysigmet98, May 27, 2011
This was really easy to set up and use. It worked great on my site. Try it and you will see its worth a donation!

With a few little tricks to the article that I am using and it will be really cool.

You should add a commercial version with some bells and whistles.
Owner's reply

I'm happy to add bells and whistles (suggestions?), but I don't do commercial versions. It's like a philosophy or something...maybe it's a syndrome :)

Seriously though, it gives me great pleasure to create useful extensions and provide them for free.... I benefit from donations, certainly, but I benefit more from the public code examples. My potential clients get to see examples of my work and the good reviews (thank you).

bysigmet98, February 18, 2011
Hello. I just installed your Pro Version Module for a friend on here site, it was very easy to install on 1.5.22 and everything worked perfect. I use another high end subscription to track my site, but I have to say yours is very very impressive. I might be changing soon.
Excellent work guys, I have worked with a lot of Plug-ins and Modules I think this is one of the best ones.