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bysilkweb, June 15, 2012
Phoca Gallery
I have spent 2 days trying to get this component to work. I believe the developer put a lot of work into developing this however there are issues and I think it could have been made simpler. For example, the only place to change settings is in the parameters, and there are not intuitive as to what changes. Also the padding and margin settings should be individual - I could not and still can't figure out how to center the thumbnail. I tried to use the module to add to an article but was told I needed to use the plugin - so I did, but the plugin settings are over written by the component. Most of the slideshow settings don't work and return a 404 error that the category isn't published when it clearly is and you have to try each setting and save it to see if it will work. I am sorry that I spent time adding this component as I am sure there are others that are not as complicated!
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1)"the only place to change settings is in the parameters, and there are not intuitive as to what changes" - settings called Options in Joomla! are rendered by Joomla! itself, not sure what is the problem to have only one place to change settings? Does it make sense to have it on different places? Really no idea, but in every case, this is more a question on Joomla! developers, not on the component itself, as Options are rendered by Joomla! core

2) "Also the padding and margin settings should be individual" - they are individual and you can set them in Options

3) "I could not and still can't figure out how to center the thumbnail" - thumnails are centered as default - unique CSS solution working in obsolete IE browsers and mobile phones

4) "I tried to use the module to add to an article" - yes modules are not designed to use them in articles - in Joomla! - just read the Joomla! documentation.

5)"so I did, but the plugin settings" ... if you have problems with plugin, please visit Phoca Forum and documentation, there is easy guide which explains why modules and plugins need to have a menu link of the component in Joomla! to not get 404 site while using SEF - this is a Joomla! feature.

Please if you have problems, just visit Phoca Forum, all of mentioned problems can be easily solved and most of them don't have any dependency to the component which you have reviewed :-( :-(

To JED moderators - please remove this review as in fact this is not review for the component :-( :-(

Thank you for understading.


bysilkweb, January 5, 2012
This extension doesn't do anything....I loaded it, it adds the search box but nothing happens when you enter anything into the search box.
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Than you for your review.

Although, I havent head any issue resported from you - so have had no chance to look at it.

You are always welcome to contact me, so it can be resolved - if you had issues.

If the search box renders, then two things can have gone wrong.

1) Your template scrirpt somehow conflicts with the modules.
2) Your template CSS conflicts with the modules

Anyways, bizarre to post a review like this, without even trying to find the issue.

Best regards

bysilkweb, May 16, 2011
CP Event Calendar
Well the component works, but is definitely NOT worth $60. There are a lot of bugs and there isn't any options for styling for the calendar itself. I am waiting for a support response after 2 tickets.
Owner's reply

Hi, we have already replied your messages and sent you the requested information. If you need further assistance don't hesitate to contact our support service: . Thank you!