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bysilver007, May 16, 2008
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If you aren´t really into programming and all that stuff then once you get into Fabrik it is great and you can create some really good basic forms.

The free support is even really good as well. I got 2 answers within a day which is good for open source. Even the freee part of the forum has some answers and I would imagine that if you pay the 20$ you would get great support and the extra info int he subscription only forum would probably be good. I´ll definitely pay for the subscription.

It could do with offering more samples to work with as it only comes with 1 but then maybe they are available in the forum and I just can´t find them. I have posted another question so I´m sure I´ll have the answer from them.

I tried all the forms and although I liked the way FacileForm allows you to create forms it was useless with Joomfish as there is no compatibility with them.