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bysimira, April 11, 2011
sp accordion
Doesn't have width parameter, I wanted to put it on the right column, but it doesn't fit. That is not so big problem, I could solve it by css. But it doesn't support the read more functionality I needed.
Owner's reply

1. It don't require width parameter because width is auto.
2. You can request readmore feature if you need. No one ask for readmore feature that's why readmore is absent. After initial release some peoples asked for title limit and onclick close option and we added. Hope you understand.

bysimira, October 5, 2010
You just made my day (night)... I've installed the module on my site some time ago, and I was so fascinated. Today I decided to migrate all my content to K2, but I was afraid of the K2 search possibilities, and really didn't want то part with ypur module... but no, no, no...
RokAjaxSearch searches in K2 Items with such ease!
Thank you!!!