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Excellent in my 1.5 site, so I downloaded for my 2.5 site. The problem I'm having is in the 1.5 version, there was a PLUGIN that allowed a icon to display in the article window for COMMENTS ON or COMMENTS OFF. I don't see a plugin for this in 2.5

But the tag is [jcomments on] so I just typed that in the article. Yet the tag shows in the front end, and not a place for comments.

Am I doing something wrong? As I say, LOVED this in 1.5, but having some issues in 2.5 and cannot find documentation to help.
bysimmiepam, May 24, 2011
I'm having the same problem as the previous poster. When using JCE to link to another article, UNCATEGORIZED does not show. However, articles in other categories do.

When you click the + before uncategorized, it does not open. Other than that I like JCE. But this new version for 1.6 is buggy and hope that it can be fixed soon.
bysimmiepam, December 2, 2010
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Simple File Upload
After installing v2, I ran into a problem with trying to assign folders to users so they can upload to particular places. I sent an email to the developer and was REALLY, REALLY surprised that he responded! He worked with me through email after email to get it fixed and was very patient with me and my questions. It now works and I'm so happy! Thanks so much.