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Just what I was looking for!

Have been using Blue Flame Forms for several years now and whilst it has lots of great options there are a few downsides to it and is no longer being actively developed. We needed a replacement and found it with UniForm.

Slick interface, easy and intuitive to use without being simplistic. Would love to see it developed further to match some of the features it currently misses against BF Forms (multiple actions, being able to access the entered data after submission, ie for on-page display) but even without that it's a great product.
bysimonlogan, June 11, 2013
A truly brilliant extension for creating slideshows quickly and easily with a broad range of options to let you easily tailor the slideshow to your requirements.

The cascading rules structure of overall settings>album settings>module settings means that you can easily create overall layouts but then override them on a per-module basis so that a single slideshow can look entirely different depending on your needs - no need to create multiple slideshows!

The development and support is also great so I'm only too happy to recommend this one.
bysimonlogan, September 21, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
One of our "essential" extensions which we install on each and every site we work on, this gives you the flexibility and power you need to control your modules and is constantly being developed and improved.

Peter is a genius and a gent in equal measure and you can always rely on him for a quick and helpful response.
bysimonlogan, June 25, 2009
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
A cracking extension that provides the ultimate in power for a CMS, linking the ease and breadth of Joomla with the mighty blogging power of Wordpress.

I had a couple of issues that needed some support but Rafael was quick and courteous in helping me out. Would be good to see a sitemap plugin to help with search engines but I have faith that the team will continue to develop this.

Highly recommended.