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bysimonshah, August 22, 2009
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
Having used another popular and very nice Blog extension for Joomla, I wasn't really keen to migrate to a new solution were it not for problems with my blog getting picked up by Technorati. I was not keen to uninstall my existing component and migrate my old blog entries to a new extension but decided to bite the bullet to install the Wordrpress integration for Joomla. The installation was a breeze and to my surprise, the setup process actually automated the migration of all the data and blog entries from my old blog extension, to get me operational in no time. What's more when I then retried claiming my blog at Technorati the process was successful and without any hiccups. This extension even gives me the ability to ping multiple blog directories automatically, which was not available in my prior blog solution.
I did experienced some early issues with the new blog in Internet Explorer but the support team helped me pick up the fact that some erroneous code was entered into the HTML ( I think pasted from Microsoft Word) of one of blog entries, which was causing the problem. As soon as I rectified that, everything worked seamlessly. I love this extension and it’s certainly worth the small investment. It will now be my blog extension of choice for all my future Joomla deployments.
bysimonshah, November 29, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
At first I thought the configuration seemed a little daunting but when I went to to developer's site there were more than enough examples from which to copy and paste from. On the plus side, the options to allow you to customise the extension to how you want. I also noticed some weird graphics appear on the map but an email into support and they informed me of a conflict with the font resizer I had on the page. I did find the support very timely, accurate and you feel the developer is passionate about his work. A very good extension with great support that I will keep in my portfolio as a must have rather than a nice to have extension
bysimonshah, November 13, 2007
I have used quite a few extensions and tried most of the other form extensions but think this is the best one for forms available thus far. It allows you to create forms in your usual form building programs and copy and paste the code. So you can stylesheet and build any specific validation rules you want.
Some of the entry areas are a little less than intuitive at first and this is where I think the developers can do a little more work but they do have video examples of how to get started and and also have a very responsive forum area where answers are very quickly available. Also the way they have developed this extension does mean there is a lot of customisation you can do to meet your specific requirements. I think the team at chronoengine have done an excellent job and this is certainly one of my most favoured extensions