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bysimontygesen, March 19, 2014
JExtBOX Article Status
Thank you for this very awesome and simple plugin. It is easy to configure and modify to look and feel as you would wish.
Keep up the good work.
One thing I am considering adding to your plugin is the choice of injecting a body class specific for each body class.
bysimontygesen, July 24, 2011
NoNumber Extension Manager
I rate this all 5 stars for excellent because as all of nonumber extensions this nonumber extensions manager gives the user a top notch user experience. Everything in this nonumber extension is developed to give the user a super easy push a button experience, and what you expect happens extremely smoothly with a very nice gui. all nonumber extensions, and especially this one is a must have for any serious Joomla administrator. I always start with this extension when starting a new Joomla and just push install all extensions, and viola all the extensions get transfered from to your joomla site and installed in one single action. I does not get better than that :-)
bysimontygesen, June 5, 2010
Just want to start with saying, even though it may sound harsh, but... Anyone who states this is not a good extension for Joomla is simply a noob and should probably not work in the Joomla CMS alone, and comment on programming you hardly can comprehend how came about. You probably need professional help with creating your own website.

This extension makes a lot of extensions look like kids games, and it is free. sure it needs you to understand how computers work to be able to operate it, well that is why you are here in the first place, because you think you are the top notch programmer who have useful stuff to share with the community and would like to use some great and almost complete functions that other programmers/developers has been so kind as to share with you so that you don't have to invent the wheel all over again.

This extension beats them all.

I am just saying. be happy when the functionalities are free and share some useful stuff with us.
bysimontygesen, November 24, 2009
Redaction Utility

Man I love this plugin...

Thank you so much for this awesome plugin, it saved me so much time. I took as long as downloading the plugin inatalling it and setting a quick rule. First even lazy attempt totally removed a backlink.. that is pretty sweet.

Thanks again.