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bysiongraham, March 12, 2014
Our company provides websites for all types of business and we run the website for one of the largest English Language radio stations in Spain and our main requirement was to have a plugin that worked well on PC/Mac but also with HTML5 fallback for Android/iPhone and iPad. We reviewed several components and found this plugin to be the best, both in terms of functionality and support. Before purchase, I e-mailed the developers of the various plugins on offer to see if I received a timely response. These guys got back to me right away in any case were the only ones to reply at all.

The plugin delivers exactly what it claims and is extremely easy to use. We had a couple of questions and each time they were dealt with quickly and politely. If you run a professional website and need an audio plugin that just works and looks elegant, then look no further. It's very competitively priced and includes full support and upgrades for a year. The plugin continues to work even once this support period has expired.

A good example of people who know what they are doing. Thank you very much for your help.
bysiongraham, August 11, 2009
Nikijacob, you have indeed missed the point. I also thought this component wasn't what I expected, but in fact it's a lot more useful than many "full" shopping carts you'll find.

My client only wanted a system to allow visitors to add products to a "wishlist" and then submit. They will call the visitor back to discuss their needs and handle the order on the phone.

The idea is that you create your products with a name, description, price and you can add options if you wish.

You then create a standard Joomla! article with full details of the product. You can include photos, videos, flash, or anything else that you can put in any other Joomla! article.

Use the simplecaddy plugin to link this to the shopping cart. The web visitor will see buttons to order the product.

In my case I made a bunch of changes to the CSS and I also changed the labels in the relevant language file to suggest "Add to Shortlist" rather than "Add to Order".

If you find this component useless, then you're doing it wrong. Either read the instructions more carefully or abandon it. But giving a negative review is a bit like complaining that the car you bought is rubbish because it sinks when you drive it into water.

I do think the author's demo site could be better, mind. It wasn't obvious to me how simple and useful this component was and you would expect the author's own demo to really show you this.
Owner's reply

Thank you. I couldn't have said it better. In fact, the demo site ( will see a huge update when the next release will be out. A complete demo as well as more documentation will be included.