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six gun

bysix gun, May 23, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I have followed this component for some time. It is constantly being updated - it is getting better and better and better.
This latest version - OMG!!! - can it get any more comprehensive???
I cease to be amazed.
Totally awesome extension.
bysix gun, April 6, 2009
I use Rquotes to rotating information - it works great and with the xml files for Joomfish I can translate it into any language.

The modules is getting more sophisticated and now that upgrade of the component does not result in lost of the database tables it is great.

I have not found problems with IE - just checked in IE8 and it looks ok
Owner's reply

Thank You for your interest and comments in Rquotes. I hope to keep making improvements to make it better.

bysix gun, March 26, 2009
Gary´s Cookbook
I don't agree with the previous review. I'm afraid I have not spent a massive amount of time on the cookbook being busy on other things - but it is customisable and it is not a gaudy hobby webpage component.
My own version "Rachael's Kitchen" shows it can be customised. It just takes a little effort.
What I would like to see is a plugin for sh404SEF and one for Xmap!
bysix gun, January 16, 2009
I bought the multi site option where I can install on unlimited sites and constantly get updates.

The component is one of those you need to work with. You need to work on the styling of the pages. It is a bit like Virtuemart - out of the box there are better looking components.

With quite a bit of work my set up looks pretty good.
Vince Woolly and Hazel man the forum. They give a very good service.
You are not left without some support. Sometimes it is beyond what the component will do but if there is a reasonable way then he will try to help.

I would recommend this as a booking engine and with work a presentation component for rentals.
It can also be used for sales of property if you like.

It can be translated - but not through Joomfish (though this is needed to effect language switches) It will go SEF with sh404SEF and it also has an Xmap plugin.

What more could you want. It is worth every penny - really
bysix gun, November 7, 2008
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I spent ages trying to work out how another module/plugin combination was coded into the page. It is very sophisticated and totally fantastic but it was completely beyond me and I am no novice. I gave up with it.

This was to replace another extension that was easy to code but IE7 would not work with - another "IE cannot open this website - operation aborted".

I come back to Joomlaworks again and again! - I have used lots of their extensions both paid for and free. I
I have never ever been let down. That is a lot to say but it is true with me.
The coding for this plugin is so so easy and it just works - God Bless Joomlaworks - it works
bysix gun, September 8, 2008
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I have tried more than once to make this part of my sites. I finally cracked it before it broke me.

The key to getting this site going is to follow the instructions very carefully. I can only speak for Apache servers - but when I got this component running I wondered what all the trouble was - it ran like a dream. Almost straight out of the box.

The stumbling block is usually the .htaccess file.
Copy the .htaccess text exactly as in the documentation and make your own .htaccess file. Do not allow the component to generate its own file if you do not have one in the root.
There is a minor addition to the .htaccess coding for sites in a subdomain - but follow the instructions. Disable the core joomla SEF module if you have this and have SEF switched on in global configuration. Leave Apache rewrite off.

The url's appearing are sweet .htm - you would never know you were on a dynamic site.
OK not everything runs with Joomsef - but if the component doesn't - no sweat, 'skip' the component in Joomsef's configuration.

I am still getting to grips with this component but no other has as many additional plugins.

The documentation is good - those who complain about this component have not paid sufficient attention to detail. I crashed my site four times in the space of 30 minutes but did not give up.
It is worth the effort!