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bysixeyeco, May 21, 2012
Include Content Item
Great plugin. Should be native to Joomla!

One thing, I read that the new version supports published/unpublished states and I can verify that when I unpublish an article it does not show up (even though the code calling for the article is in the main article).

However when I set an article to publish on a specific date in the future it still shows up in the main article.

I really need this functionality. It is the sole reason for me getting this plugin, otherwise I would just use {load position xx}

Please support this feature as soon as possible. I need to schedule many articles to appear at many different times on a specific page and this plugin was as close as it came. Any help in the meantime would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for this plugin.
bysixeyeco, November 8, 2011
Add FullAjax
I can't tell you how long I've looking for something like this. I have it installed to a workable degree, although I need to customize it a bit more. Thank you for your work. Excellent little plugin.