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bysjb1963, July 12, 2014
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
This is a very nice and very powerful slider. The ONLY thing I would have a fault with, and it's a BIG one is the use of absolute paths in the images. I develop on an internal server and then move my work to a live environment. In that process the links to the images get broken. I consider this to be a HUGE bug. I did contact the developer and their solution was a function buried in the slider to search and replace the url to the site. Yes, that does work. Why it needs to be done at all is beyond me.
All in all, I would say this has the potential to be one of the best sliders out there - when these bugs get fixed. One comment that was made by the support team was that this was built for Wordpress. I don't DO Wordpress and I'm less than even a little concerned with Wordpress or what works and doesn't work with Wordpress. This is Joomla!

So for anyone else out there using this slider, just be careful when you move your site from one url to another. You'll embarrass yourself.
bysjb1963, April 26, 2013
JUX Social Tabs
I'm not a reviewer. I'm rarely impressed enough with any module to offer any kind of review here simply because most are only half-baked. However, this module is quite good. I installed it and it worked out of the box: for the most part, but I was experiencing some difficulties.

Since it's a new module and there weren't any reviews yet, nor were there any posts on the forum, I opened a support ticket. They got back to me very quickly. They did ask for access to the backend of the site and in very short order they had resolved the issue. The problem was not in their module: it was a conflict with another module on the site - yet they resolved the issue and even told me what they did to fix the problem. Very much appreciated. Well worth the price.
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Thank you for using our Social Media Tabs extension. We're really thankful for your review and will try our best to keep the good work.

Warmest regards,

bysjb1963, March 14, 2008
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XCloner-Backup and Restore
I rarely ever do this. There have been so FEW components that I have used for Joomla that have ever warranted it, but...

From the day I first bought this component almost a year ago, it has worked almost flawlessly. There were initially a couple of stumbles, but those were user error and you guys took the time to explain the issue to me and things have worked perfectly, EVEN through an extended period of time on GoDaddy servers.

I make my living exclusively working with Joomla, and every site I create is a Joomla site with VERY few exceptions. Your component has made it possible for me to do my job and make that living. I want to thank you sincerely for your work on this component and for the value you have added to my business. The annual fee was a pittance compared to the amount of time and headaches you have saved me.