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byskidaway, March 13, 2014
ARRA User Migrate
I just needed something simple to import a list of users and email addresses to a 2.5 site. Instructions were simple to follow and everything worked perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised that the software then sent an email to each new registered user with their login and password.
Very pleased to have tried this extension. I have sites in a couple of small US cities. One site is Joomla 1.5; one is 2.5. I have had a hard time finding a module that consistently works since Google changed its API service. this service uses Wunderground. I registered for my free account and got my api. I have used SP Weather, which works fine on some of my sites, but the city Gainesville, GA seems to be pulling Gainesville, FL, and the city Athens, GA seems to be pulling Athens, Greece. Anyway, after installing this module, entering the state in the county field, and the city in the town field, it worked and looks great!
AJAX Scroller
I'm using the scroller as a one-line horizontal ticker from a couple of articles for my JomSocial site. Works just as I need it to, and was easy to install. Changing the CSS for my custom height and width worked well, because I could use Firebug Inspect in Mozilla to test the CSS changes before I made the final changes.
This is a great addition to my Jomsocial Site. The feeds display nicely - Works as documented and easy to install and configure. I initially thought there was conflict problem in displaying the feeds with Jomsocial, only on Internet Explorer. However, I found the conflict to be with K2, which I had disabled, but not uninstalled. Sopantech quickly responded to my tech support submissions. I am very pleased with the extension and with support.
byskidaway, September 17, 2012
SP Weather
Have used SP Weather on a few websites for quite some time. I've used a few others as well, but lately, anything using Google API has failed, so I'm very glad to see SP Weather use Yahoo. The module is very easy to configure. It is a great way to show a summary of the current conditions and forecast. The display is attractive.