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byskpandey, June 26, 2014
Genius Virtuemart Ajax Search - Revamped!
Ajax powered search box is an excellent out of box solution. Not much to configure and to the point search. A must have for VM sites.
byskpandey, July 17, 2013
ACL Manager
Love at first sight!!! Really a very useful tool to avoid mishaps and unintended corruption by users with little knowledge of backend administration. It is an install and play package and highly recommended for all developers or website providers.
byskpandey, May 15, 2013
Administration Brand Remover
A very good tool for developers and service providers. Easy to install and no need to configure, just enable it and voila!!!
byskpandey, March 4, 2013
JobGrok Premium
I must acknowledge the support and quick responce from Bob during my customisation of this wonder component. Now, I am able to publish as per my client's requirement though not too complex. It is the only component I found that is easy to install, customise and update for job listing, accepting applications, receiving notifications and viewing in the back end admin panel. Full marks and highly recommended. Value for money, mate.
byskpandey, March 1, 2013
Simple Spotlight
The module is awesome! I tried a couple of modules before settling on it. Great experience in easy installation, customisation and not interfering with core tools.

I must write - Highly Recommended especially for newbies....
byskpandey, June 12, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
A great plugin for free. It does work as it claims. Please install the recommended plugin to show the message properly.

Please keep it up.
byskpandey, April 16, 2012
Issue Tracker
Installed and tested with sample requests. Done well. Thank you for facilitating such tools for amateur and budding web professionals.
byskpandey, February 14, 2012
Easy to download and install. However, the results were not encouraging after enabling the plugin. The website was directed to some other website hosted on the same server.

I do not why and how the plugin redirected the website to other site not linked to it.

It is not recommended for newbies or administrators without access to server.
Owner's reply

Hi Skpandey,

Interesting (negative) side effect that I did not encounter while testing on any of the servers? are you on shared hosting ? do you have multiple databases setup associated with this domain?

I'm trying to understand what caused this so that I can alter the plugin to have this behavior not be an issue...

Please update me via the email address posted above.



byskpandey, January 21, 2012
A very simple and easy to use module. Great to show all your contacts or selected ones in one column.

Only thing you have to remember is to create a page/menu (may be hidden or a menu type not published) with the intended contacts. Rest it will look after. The support, I must say, is fantastic...really quick and very helpful. I got some tips that I would have not tried myself.

Simply great module and great developer.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for this review.
I expect a further update to the module to address the menu item issue and avoiding the workaround all together.

byskpandey, November 26, 2011
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Simply excellent!!! Very easy to configure and use. Client is happy with such feature on their website. Thanks to the developer for sharing this wonderful plugin.
byskpandey, May 23, 2011
I am a late user of this fantastic extension. It is an excellent contact form and provides tool for every possible imagination in a form. Well done!!
byskpandey, May 2, 2011
M2C-Module to Component
This component is a boon for new users. If one could not find an appropriate component, can use available module instead. No problem in installation and setting modules on the main page. Only you need to publish the module on the created menu item. Thats it.
byskpandey, December 18, 2010
JB Type
Intallation is very easy and no tweaking required. Just use the codes in articles and be amused.

Really good one to attract attention of your visitors.
byskpandey, August 23, 2010
The plugin is good but it could be nice if added to the title on list view page.
Owner's reply

I have tried to add it to the title, but the titles are 'escaped', so instead of showing the GIF-image you see the name of the GIF-image.
May be someone has an idea how to solve that without a templete override??

byskpandey, June 6, 2010
I have installed and get it published on the website without any problem. Heaps of thanks for this wonderful work.
byskpandey, June 6, 2010
Answer Tips
I installed it without any problem. Works well.