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byskullmonkey, December 14, 2013
This add-on is a lifesaver for many many designers. Fast and easy to setup. Not much to say about it except superb!

Only needs two things:
1. Documentation for enabling :D
2. Make it be at the top of all items on the page. z-index: gazillion ;DD

Thanks again,
byskullmonkey, October 14, 2013
Klixo Articles slider
I must say. The support for this addon outscores all support teams I have seen in the years!

The addon does exactly what is meant to be! Slides articles (content).

It have extremely powerful backend with lots of tweaks and settings.

I recommend this addon to everyone.

I'm just waiting only to get K2 support and will overpower addons that are already out there and need to be payed for!

Thanks to Klixo!
byskullmonkey, December 30, 2012
Shadowbox Media Viewer
The plugin is the basic thing that needs to do... BUT, it shouldn't hurt if someone puts some design in it. Rounded corners, some shadows on it. Fancy close button, etc...

Other than that, great! :D