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Universal Currency Converter
This is a nice module for calculating currency rates. It does what it is supposed to do and looks good. The only negatives I had were just adjusting the extension to my website (I needed to edit some currency codes and CSS).
byskyiron, June 9, 2013
RSform Pro
I first tried this component about 3 (?) years ago. At that time I ended up using another component instead just because I didn't know what I was doing and another program seemed easier for me. Since then my knowledge has increased and
RSform has gotten a lot better. There is heaps of documentation and the number of things you can do with RSforms has increased. It's hard to find fault with it.
Thanks for the great component.
I've given this Joomla extension 5 stars, because it is one of the few social logon components that doesn't use a middleman. Also it is free, probably because it is based on HybridAuth (an open source social networking sign in library). It also comes recommended from the hybridauth website. I suspect that many of the social networking logon/authentication services available for Joomla are based on Hybridauth.
As yet, this component isn't as well rounded as some others available, but it is getting better all the time. The more people who use it and give feedback the better it will become.
Unfortunately the documentation for this extension isn't great, but I’ve noticed they’ve improved it recently though.
HsUsers is easy to install, it’s free, there is no middleman and there is no monthly fee.
The most important thing for me is that there is no middleman. There is absolutely no need for a middleman and it is undesirable to have one. The middleman has access to your valuable website data and charges you a fee for it! Furthermore, I think you will find that if the middleman has technical problems your users will be unable to log in to your website.
byskyiron, March 4, 2013
I was looking for a html editor similar to notepad plus plus when I stumbled across this great plugin. It isn't notepad plus plus but it is similar in that it allows syntax highlighting. (Syntax highlighting makes reading and editing the html easier by coloring specific language related words.)
I had trouble getting this extension to work at first, but that was due a stupid mistake on my part. If you like to edit the html without a WYSIWYG editor then check this one out!
byskyiron, February 2, 2013
AJAX Register
I wanted a quick an easy validation method for Joomla profile plugin and registration page. I used this plugin to add the custom profile fields during registration and got it to validate them too all in a few minutes. Very happy with this plugin.
byskyiron, February 2, 2013
Improved AJAX Login & Register
This is a very nice plugin. It looks beautiful and is easy to customize it's appearance. If I were to improve it, I'd like to add the ability to put custom profile fields in the registration box (to go with joomla profile plugin).
byskyiron, February 1, 2013
Cookie Alert
I'm a little disappointed with this extension. I bought it because I wanted to quickly implement a cookie solution for my website. It was easy to set up, but after I looked at the code I found that it targets European users based on their time zone not their geographical location. I also found that cookies were set in multiple locations. I expected one cookie to cover the whole domain.