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byskyrun, August 29, 2013
Custom Member Homepage
5-stars for being able to change to another homepage for ONE group of users.

would be nice to be able to do multiple homepages for 2 or more user groups...

but can't take away a star for that, it does what it's supposed to in a 5-star way.
byskyrun, August 20, 2013
I run my $3M vacation rental business 100% using fabrik. It's amazing, and rob and hugh and the fabrik community that support it are also outstanding.

can't believe i hadn't remembered to review it before! i've been using it for 3 years now.
byskyrun, June 28, 2013
after reviewing jasperreports ($50,000/yr but there is a free community version) and sap crystal reports ($3-$5K), i have dumped both in favor of 'plotalot' for less than $10!

for my needs, the simplicity of working with tools i know (mysql queries and joomla and php) far outweighed all of the features i found cumbersome in the commercial products. plotalot is 128K download and the others are bloatware over 500M (3000x bigger) requiring servers and workstation code and jvm's and .net and odbc drivers that were fragile. crystal dashboards even requires microsoft excel. who do they sell that stuff too?

plotalot just works, fits like a glove into a joomla app and is totally customizable with php and SQL. THANKS for offering it at this price (and thanks to google for the free charting apis that make it possible).
byskyrun, September 6, 2012
Facebook Like Button
love that you can point to your businesses fb page and show the people the 'like' your business vs. that like your url. support is OUTSTANDING too. 5 stars for sure.
Social Sharing
works (mostly, see below) and free. two good things even better together.

is there a paid/pro version perhaps were you can remove the logonradius link?

the redirection on logon and logoff (which interestingly is defined in the plugin, not the module), doesn't seem to work in a 2 level menu.

i select the menu item to go to but when i logon, it tries to go to (note the two 'about-skyrun's which cause a 404).

and logging off seems to go to the logIN vs. the logout page defined... fix that and 5-stars for sure (so i put on the 5-stars anticipating the fix ;-)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review and rating. We really appreciate your feedback.

We have white label and other premium features available, however only for our earlu adopters right now. We are also working towards launching standard packages soon and will be taking it out of private beta phase.

Regarding the redirection issue, we are not aware of this issue. But our engineering team will investigate further. We would really appreciate if you could please provide more details by sending us an email to We will definitely fix it in next release.

Thanks again,
LR Team

byskyrun, January 23, 2011
Art Colorbox
Easy to install, very compact and simple. The best thing though is the support. They're open to suggestions and implement them quickly. I don't mind at all paying a small amount for extensions where you get this type of support. seems much more than fair. I wanted to see support for flickr tags added and they told me it'll be in there in the next 2 weeks or so! Thanks guys.

The ability to show any sort of set of photos, be they in picasa, flickr or even a directory on your hard drive is the most handy thing for my implementation where i don't know how article writers will submit their photos.