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byskysetter, October 16, 2011
After uploading and failing multiple times, Marvick Shop directed me to make core edits to the PHP. After making these edits, the application still won't work.

After many hours of trying to work with them I am done. My notes to them are:
Suggestion - Fix the problems!

Marvick Shop: When you sell a Module or Plugin you should be able to upload it and it works. You shouldn't have to mess with code in order to make it work. Anyone, new or seasoned, should be able to upload and use your application. Shame on you for producing a product that doesn't work out of the box. You should notify customers that you need to be an expert in Joomla and PHP before purchasing this product.

If the tweaks and fixes worked, I wouldn't be writing this right now. But, they don't. They only uncover additional problems with the application. Shame on you!
Owner's reply

This review has nothing to do with the program itself. But the installation procedure of a component in Joomla. The guy is new at Joomla and got problems with uploading the program to the server of Godaddy. Because of the directory permissions. He never came to edit the files because he got problems with the dir. permission. Now he gives MarvikShop the fault and that's not right. A review should be going about the program, not about the installation of a component in Joomla within Godaddy.

byskysetter, September 26, 2011
PHP Image Editor Lite Joomla
Install and edit! You just saved me tons of time I would have spent resizing images before uploading them to joomla 1.7. Works perfectly 1st time. Install instructions super easy! Love it!
byskysetter, September 11, 2011
ITPSocial Buttons
Learning Joomla 1.7 and it is so simple to use and configure that I got it first try! Lots of options to choose from making your buttons unique! I love it!
byskysetter, September 11, 2011
Simple Image Gallery
Instructions are simple and very very easy to understand. I use Joomla 1.7 and it works perfectly! Thank you so much!