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byslancaster, July 18, 2010
Akeeba Backup
I used to use joomlapack before upgrading to akeeba and then akeeba pro - i have quite a number of joomla based sites and in all honesty this is the best extension i have come across, specifically this lets me automate the backup of all of my sites AND allows me to sync this with drop box - OMG!

It wasnt until recently that i had to restore a site from a backup and it is actually easier than installing joomla - now when i build a new site i start with my akeeba back up file and then restore this which gives me a fresh install which includes all of my extensions, plugins, content and even settings

the only thing i havent found too easy was the cron settings which i still struggle with but to be fair there is a cron manual - i just dont seem to get on with cron in general so thats not a criticism of akeeba

its not very often i pay for jonla extensions but this one is worth it