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byslashsplat, March 14, 2011
Since we have had no security breaches, it seems to work well... Simple install, simple config, and love the logo that is displayed to show the site is protected.

PROS: Easy Easy Easy - just click. The usual EXCELLENT RSJoomla technical support. Very educational as to how Joomla works and vulnerabilities.

CONS: Some suggestions are a challenge to decide on, though the docs are pretty good. We easily got 75 out of 100 ranting without lifting a finger.
byslashsplat, March 14, 2011
As with the other RS products I have licensed, this one is great. Simple, configurable, and effective. Heck of a great dollar value.

Support from RSJoomla is always EXCELLENT, and that makes ALL of their products even better.

PROS: Simple to configure, works as advertised. Excellent support - really excellent.

CONS: the list of Sections and Categories might make you think they are configuring the cat's to HAVE comments, while you are actually configuring the categories for NO comments. Having hilited all of them, I could not understand why I had no comments anywhere. Then I RTFM. Click Click, worked like a charm.

Highly recommended.
byslashsplat, March 14, 2011
Have been doing support for software for 35 years. (Yeah, it's been around longer than that.) Finally got tired of the heavily modified MantisBugtracker that has served us well for the last 9 years. We needed to get on a CMS, and Joomla! is the best choice for us.

RST has been a great package for us. We were spoiled with a heavily-customized software (that we could not update), but RST has handled most every need. We have about 300 customers who need to submit confidential tickets and see only their own. The integration with Joomla was perfect, and the site (redesigned) now looks great with RST totally integrated. Really brought us forward.

The saved searches are real useful internally. All of the other features work well for us and we have very minimal customization needed. One issue was the length of the ticket number, which has to be changed in one place in one source file, and redone when updated. I suspect this will be externalized. We prefer a 5 digit ticket.

We are working on getting the cron plug-in operational to take ticket response by e-mail, something we could not do before. This means that when someone gets a notification e-mail, they can respond, and the response goes in the ticket. Will be great because it is natural to hit reply.

SUPPORT! The support has been FABULOUS. The responses are timely, and easy to understand. When we uncovered a minor bug, they fixed it immediately and added the fix to the distribution files. We have had a few support issue, mostly our own, and the answers are professional and helpful. Frankly, if the software was not as good as it is, we would use it just to get the great support. Effective support has saved us days of wasted time, even when we were "ignorant".

PROS: Killer support. Great functionality. Constant development that is responsive to users' needs.

CONS: Need to externalize a few things that require code changes today. Confident this will happen.