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byslavko, March 24, 2013
Artof Editor
It is a excelent editor, i love it for a long time (before J! 2.5) and now i am happy to see, that there is Joomla 3 support and i can continue to use it! Thanks
byslavko, September 10, 2011
After solving bugs (see support forum) it works with 1.7, but maintainer was signet it as working with it too early...
byslavko, September 7, 2011
YJ Pop Login
IMHO excelent job.

I tried several popup modules, but this is one, which works, it is prety straighforward.

It has only problem with empty pre-text and links to forgoten password and name cannot be disabled.
byslavko, August 24, 2011
I was using the JoomStats in the Joomla! 1.0 age, after this i switch to external tool. Now i tried to install j4age.

Installation is simple, only the splitting post-installation to two step can be confising for unexperience users. The activation module/plugin hare duplicated in function, but using the module with restricted privileges can provide bad counting.

Backend reports are excelent. Frontend graphical reports are missing, but if i properly remember, this is the same as in JoomStats and perhaps i am only dainty by my external tool.

"Included" modules have inconsistent layouts. The Country one uses the flags (not included in component), but the Browsers and OS das not. Something as div.class is not included, but can be solved by moduleclass suffix.

The backend provides the tool to debug the unknown user-agents, but i cannot find any tool to add/edit them. But identification of the robots seems to be excelent!

Result: excelent component with good modules for users, which do not want detailed reports in frontend, but want full reports in backend. It can be used by unexperienced users too...
byslavko, May 2, 2011
Top of the Page
After some problems with access to download site i get excelent extension. I was using J2Top in Joomla 1.5, but this is more simplest to set button style. It works as expected, or better :-)

Support is not needed, it works after installation and publishing.

Very good job! Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your kind words. I wanted to make it easy to use and style. I'm glad you appreciate my work.

byslavko, February 9, 2011
J2XML Importer
It is nice to see other one migration component. I tested it and seems to work. The articles and categories are sucessfuly migrated, but users not. Images i do not tested.

IMHO missing menu migration is important. More descriptive dependencies list will be useful too, because i can't get it to work on my localhost, but on my site it works.

Beside mentioned problems, very thanks for it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for review. Stable release solves the users issue.

byslavko, October 30, 2010
Article Auto ToC
I spend some time with some corrections previous plugin and after i found this plugin. great work, nice config addons.

Only some strings are missing in lang file...
byslavko, September 2, 2010
Very good work, thanks.

Some improvements of the PHP notices are needed and completons of the parameters, but great work!
byslavko, March 28, 2009
Ninja RSS Syndicator
Good work, thank you.

Maybe is good idea to add column for (re)order of the feeds and not order them only by name
Owner's reply

Better late than never...

You can now sort by:

- Created Date
- Created Date reverse
- Modified Date
- Modified Date Reverse
- Front Page ordering
- Article Ordering