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Art Sexy Lightbox
I did buy the full version of Art Sexy Lightbox as it's the only plugin that can automatically generate galeries from external files.
The option for showing captions was not working, but a few hours after a mail to the developper, I got an answer that it we'll be done, and a day after, I had a new version doing it. Splendid support and really very useful module and plug-in !
byslavoisard, December 16, 2008
Flickr Suite Content
At last a plug-in that works fine with Flickr !
I tried all of the Flickr plug-ins and this one is the best.
2 problems... In the PDF doc, it says you must use stream to get the content of a specific user but the command is user !
Then I never found a way to sort images by more than one tag. If there's a way, I'll be more than happy to learn it !